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Translate any text into easy language with our AI-powered tool – fast, inexpensively and totally easy to use.

That’s how we offer easy language – easily made.

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Generate a text suggestion in easy language at the click of one button and review it in seconds



Offered with an individual usage and pricing model adapted to your translation needs



Intuitive features and functionality developed based on continuous user feedback

Why easy language?

A large target group

In Germany alone, more than 10 million people require text in easy language to access crucial information and successfully navigate their daily lives. Easy language is a defined language style with simpler sentence structure and additional explanations.

The audience of texts in easy language includes for example people with learning difficulties, elderly or sick people, or people learning German as a second language. All the more important that as many texts as possible are available in easy language!

Eine Diskussion mit der Zielgruppe wird gezeigt
Ein Nutzer wird in SUMM eingewiesen

Fast, inexpensive and easy to use

That’s why we have developed SUMM, the first AI-powered tool that automatically translates any text into easy language! We are certain that this is the way to enable cognitive inclusion and digital participation: With a fast, cost-effective and straightforward way to offer any text in easy language!

Ein Nutzer wird in SUMM eingewiesen

Our tools for easy language

SUMM is our AI-powered tool that automatically translates any text into easy language: You paste your text into our tool, click on “translate”, and receive the easy version on the right in seconds – very easy!

That’s how we can decrease your translation effort by more than 2/3!


For translators

We support you with AI-powered text suggestions in your translation process!

Our suggestions enable you to quickly overcome difficult text parts. Furthermore, we support you with complementary features such as a glossary for concept explanations to speed up your translation process – conveniently, directly integrated into your text editor.

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For companies and institutions

We support you with a fast and inexpensive opportunity to make your content easily understandable. Together, we develop a custom, AI-powered solution specifically tailored to the topic of your content!

Contact us today to find out how our tool can make your texts understandable for your customers or employees.

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Our team

CEO & Co-Founder

CTO & Co-Founder

Head of AI & Co-Founder

Full-Stack Developer

Model Engineer

UI/UX Research

Our diverse team – 3 co-founders and 3 team members – is united by our great passion for natural language processing!

We are graduates and students of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) – hands down the best place to found a tech startup. Although Munich brought us together, we come from all over Germany (and even the world) and have different backgrounds – for example Math, Computer Science, and Business.

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