Here is a picture of a laptop. On the screen of the laptop is the web page and the translation tool of SUMM. On the left is the original text. The original text reads, "Anyone who has a positive rapid test must isolate themselves and have a PCR test performed. If the infection is confirmed after a laboratory result, isolation at home must be started independently - even without further order by the health department. Infected individuals must regularly comply with this isolation for five days." A cursor points to a "Translate" button. After clicking on it, the easy language text is generated in the right text box. The easy language text reads: "You have a positive rapid test? Then you must not meet anyone. And you have to take a PCR test.  The PCR test is also positive? Then you must stay at home for 5 days. Even without a regulation from the health department. "
Here you can see a staircase in a house. There are three high windows there. The blue sky is behind them.

For authorities and companies

With the help of our translation tool, you can quickly and affordably convert your content to become easily understandable for everyone. We find and develop a suitable AI-based solution for your individual needs.

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Two hands are typing on a laptop. On the screen, you can see SUMM's website and the translation tool.

For translators

We support your translation process with the first ever AI-based translation tool for easy language. This way, your translation process becomes as efficient as possible!

Our tool supports you with particularly complex text passages and speeds up your entire translation process with features such as a glossary or a synonym search – all conveniently integrated directly into microsoft office as an add-in.

Read the source text with ease

Document upload

Upload PDF, Word or .txt documents with a single click and import your source text easily and effortlessly

Insert source text

“Copy-paste” source text of up to 10,000 characters from any source (e.g. web page). When using the Word Add-In or API, this step is not necessary.

Translate at the push of a button

AI translation

Translate into easy language at the push of a button – according to the official rules of the Netzwerk Leichte Sprache e.V. (language level A1-A2)

Translation history

View previous translations, sort by project and filter them


Improve translation results sustainably and individually through “real-time feedback” with one click

Fast post-processing

Search and create a glossary

Easy explanations for complicated words – from selected sources, self-generated or AI-generated

Share and filter glossary

Share your own glossary entries with individuals or in a team and categorize them with keywords

Word-Level Alternatives

Easy synonyms for complicated words – automatically suggested and sorted by language levels

Learn how SUMM AI works in detail in our step by step guide.

How can SUMM AI be used?

Web Application

Here are three logos side by side. A logo is a sign. The sign is known by many people. The first logo is from Mozilla Firefox. The second logo is from Google Chrome. The third logo is from Safari. All three logos stand for different internet browsers.
  • No installation required, can be used in any browser
  • Focused on easy access to real-time translation capability
  • Additional tools for rapid post-processing and collection of user feedback

Microsoft Office plug-in

Here you can see the logo for Microsoft Office 365. A logo is a sign. Many people know the sign. Microsoft Office 365 is a software product for editing data and files on a computer.
  • Easy installation via the Microsoft App Store
  • Less “copy-paste” in the translation process


Here you can see a square. The square says "API". An API is a programmatic interface. This picture is a sign that the SUMM translation tool can also be connected to a computer system via an API.
  • Fully integrable into any (CMS) system
  • Multiple users across teams and departments

Our AI technology

Our tool is based on a number of technical components of our translation “engine” – including a Natural Language Processing (NLP) model specially trained for plain language and various rule-based systems for refining the translation result.

Here our tool is successfully in use

This is the logo of the city of Hamburg. A logo is a sign. Many people know the sign. Above is a red castle on a blue wave. At the bottom is Hamburg. The city of Hamburg is a partner company of SUMM.


Here you can see the logo of Deutsche Bahn. It is abbreviated with a capital D and B. Both letters are red. A logo is a sign. Many people know the sign. Deutsche Bahn is a partner company of SUMM.

Deutsche Bahn

This is the logo of the city of Würzburg. A logo is a sign. Many people know the sign. On the left is the dark red cityscape. To the right of it is Stadt Würzburg among themselves. The city of Würzburg is a partner company of SUMM.

Stadt Würzburg

Frequently asked questions

What requirements do I need to use SUMM AI?

Technical requirements:
– Access to a PC or laptop
– Internet access with a common browser (e.g. Googe Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge)
– A license or trial package

Other requirements:
Everyone can use SUMM AI! The most important thing is that you are familiar with the original text and its content and can judge whether it is correctly represented in the easy text version – we take care of the easy language! We also recommend attending an introductory workshop on the topic of easy language so that you know the most important rules of easy language. Every AI-based tool is a support tool: the decision, what AI-generated text part is ultimately used always lies with the human user.

Are the SUMM AI texts checked?

The texts that our tool generates in easy language are not checked by a group of people representing the target audience. Providing them at the push of a button would no longer be feasible. However, we work with tested texts in the development of our tool and also closely monitor our development process. This is done by certified and very experienced easy language translators as well as by reviewers from the target group itself. With the latter, we conduct regular reviews of our tool and the texts generated with it. This way, we include the target audience as an integral part of our product development. A report on our tool written by a reviewer can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CpP8-BsNNh6/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

How can I involve a review group?

For particularly important information, we recommend checking the translated text with a review group to ensure that the target audience understands it well as. We are be happy to get you in touch with review groups we trust – for example, the KJF Werkstätten St. Josef in Straubing. Please contact us, preferably by e-mail at prüfung@summ-ai.com! Soon, it will also be possible to send us a test request directly in our tool.

What is Easy Language?

Easy language is a highly simplified form of language (competence level A1-A2) and a defined language style rooted in the domain of accessibility. The most important features are short sentences, no subordinate clauses, no jargon, and additional explanations. At first glance, a text in easy language might appear a bit unfamiliar. However, the main goal is text comprehension. In addition, there are standardized rules for texts in easy language and legal requirements to offer information in easy language. Its target audience consists primarily of people with learning difficulties, with educational disadvantages, or with a migration background and little language skills. This target audience is estimated to be more than 10 million people in Germany alone. In the U.S., more than 54% of adults read below the level of 6th grade. In addition to providing access to critical information, easy language can help make complicated texts understandable for all, so it is becoming increasingly popular.

Here you can find more information about easy language.

What is plain language and how does it differ from easy language?

Plain language is often confused with easy language because the terms are quite similar.

The most important distinction is: Plain language is more complex than easy language! For example, it allows for commas and subordinate clauses. It also does not follow such a strict set of rules. In terms of competency levels, plain language is A2-B1. Easy language, on the other hand, should use words from the A1-A2 level.

There are various advantages of plain language, especially for companies: It is very easy to understand for everyone, and at the same time, it’s less “bumpy” or “odd” than easy language. Thus, if you want to communicate with customers in a fluent and appealing way but still very understandable, plain language is the right choice.

Disadvantage: It is not the most accessible option! Since it allows for more complexity than easy language, some people from the easy language target audience, who are dependent on heavily simplified text, are excluded by plain language.

We also offer an AI-based solution for plain language – contact us via vanessa@summ-ai.com!

Here you can find more information about easy language.

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