The SUMM AI interface

Easy language directly in your IT system

Our interface (Application Programming Interface – API for short) brings accessible language in accordance with official regulations directly into your system. This makes your content accessible at the push of a button, and saves you the hassle of copying back and forth!

Summ AI API Symbol

Minimal integration effort with standardized RestAPI and various CMS plug-ins

Summ AI System Symbol

Suitable for every system and every individual use case

Summ AI glossary Symbol

Integrate valuable additional functions such as glossary, synonyms or images

What our API customers say

SUMM AI integrated in the municipal CMS:
Implemented and maintained by the press office of the Hamburg Senate.

Create accessible articles in the CMS at the touch of a button

Clicking on the “Easy Language” button automatically creates a subpage and inserts the text in easy language

Ready to use in 5 days

Light speed integration with 5 developer days and active support by SUMM AI

Various users

Can be used across authorities, districts and state companies for content on – with just one interface

Innovative and flexible

Regular feedback rounds, and rapid implementation of improvements and new functions

AI-based translation

Automatic translation into plain language
according to official guidelines


Easy alternative suggestions
for complicated words


Generate easy explanations for complicated words – from selected sources or AI-generated

Automatic image generation

The automatic image generation will be available for you soon

These companies are already using the SUMM AI API

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